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The Muslim Interest Living Community (MILC) is designed to create a strong support group for Muslims and non-Muslims who want to be steadfast in prayer and their commitment to campus building and cooperation. MILC selects students that have shown an inclination for activism and community improvement.

Learning Outcomes and/or Goals

The goal of MILC is to foster a sense of community and create a strongly supportive living environment for Muslims and non-Muslims. We aim to build a cohesive family to build understanding between one another, through both intrafaith and interfaith dialogue, and be of service to the greater campus community.

Key Programs

  • MILC & Cookies Open House
  • Eid Celebration


Do I have to be Muslim to live in MILC?

No, all are welcome in this community as long as there is a demonstrated commitment to the mission. Whether you are religious or not, we do look for residents who have an appreciate for Islam, interreligious understanding, and will adhere to our community expectations to ensure other residents feel comfortable being steadfast in prayer.

Does MILC observe Muslim holidays?

Yes! MILC residents are required to hold six programs each year (one led by each apartment). Holidays are often observed and opened up to the Muslim community at Georgetown.

Can I apply to MILC with a group of friends?

No, there is not an option to apply as a group since students apply and are admitted individually based on the merit of their application. The advisors for MILC do try to honor roommate requests (if both students are individually accepted and list each other on their applications); however, placements are occasionally subject to change based on the needs of the community.

LLC Leadership

MILC is located in Alumni Square and is open to upperclass students.