Staff Biographies

Bill Huff

Director, Residential Services
Office Location:
 Harbin 100
Contact Information: | 202.687.4569
Degrees:  B.A. Speech Communication/Theater & Secondary Ed: Mount Mercy University | M.A. Student Development in Post Secondary Ed: University of Iowa

Amanda Dickinson Beirne

Associate Director, Residential Education
Office Location:
 Harbin 100
Contact Information: | 202.687.3655
Degrees: B.F.A.: School of Visual Arts | M.Ed.: University of Southern California

Katie Heather

Associate Director, Residential Education
Office Location:
 Harbin 100
Contact Information: | 202.687.1980
Degrees: B.A. Psychology: Fairfield University | M.A. Higher Education Admin: Boston College

Lavon Davis

Assistant Director, Residential Education
Office Location:
 Ida Ryan Hall 101
Contact Information: | 202.687.4759
Degrees: B.A. English: Francis Marion University | M.Ed. Higher Education: University of North Carolina Wilmington

Krista Haxton

Assistant Director, Assignments
Office Location:
 Harbin 100
Contact Information: | 202.687.4560
Degrees: B.A.: Seattle Pacific University | M.P.S Global Hospitality Leadership: Georgetown University

Katherine Himmelman

Assistant Director, Residential Education
Office Location:
 LXR 100
Contact Information: | 202.687.9604
Degrees: B.A. History: College of Our Lady of the Elms | M.A. Higher Education Administration: Boston College | M.P.S. Project Management: Georgetown University

Eileen Rodriguez

Assistant Director, Residential Education
Office Location: 
Kennedy 104
Contact Information: | 202.687.0712
Degrees: B.A. Public Relations: Hofstra University | M.A. Higher Education: University of Connecticut

Milo Alfarero

Community Director, New South
Office Location:
 New South Lobby
Contact Information: | 202.687.7430
Degrees: B.A. Communication Studies: California State University Channel Islands | M.A. Educational Policy & Leadership: University of Iowa

April Banks

Coordinator, Residential Services
Office Location:
 Village C West 207
Contact Information: | 202.687.3472
Degrees: B.A. Anthropology: University of Arizona | M.A. Diplomacy and Military Studies: Hawaii Pacific University

Christopher Barth

Community Director, Village C East, Ryan & Isaac Halls
Office Location:
 Village C East 474
Contact Information: | 202.687.2034
Degrees: B.A. Psychology & International Studies: University of Michigan | M.S. Student Affairs in Higher Ed: Miami University

Honey Bashir

Community Director, Arrupe Hall
Office Location: Arrupe Lobby
Contact Information: | 202.687.0631
Degrees: B.A. Theatre/Dance & Childhood Education: Wells College | Ed.M. Higher Education Administration: State University of New York at Buffalo

Erica Blake

Community Director, Darnall
Office Location:
 Darnall M-10
Contact Information: | 202.687.4779
Degrees: B.A. in Psychology: Kean University | M.Ed in School Counseling: Bowie State University

Jordan Bolte

Community Director, LXR & Nevils
Office Location:
Contact Information: | 202.687.7054
Degrees: B.A. Biblical Literature: Taylor University | M.A. Higher Education and Student Development: Taylor University

Darnell Hammock

Coordinator, Assignments
Office Location: Harbin 100
Contact Information: | 202.687.4566
Degree: B.A.: Howard University | M.P.S. Human Resource Management – Strategic Diversity and Inclusion: Georgetown University

Kristin Kidwell

Coordinator, Marketing & Communications
Office Location:
 Harbin 104
Contact Information: | 202.687.0627
Degree: B.A. Advertising & Graphic Design: Western Kentucky University 

Tony Kollath

Automation Analyst
Office Location:
 Harbin 104
Contact Information: | 202.687.8034
Degree: B.A. English: Georgetown University

Tom Mangano

Community Director, Kennedy & Reynolds
Office Location:
 Reynolds 143 
Contact Information: | 202.687.0714
Degrees: B.A. Political Science: University of Massachusetts Amherst | Ed.M. College Student Affairs: Rutgers University

Danielle Melidona

Community Director, McCarthy Hall
Office Location:
 McCarthy 111
Contact Information: | 202.687.0713
Degrees: B.A.: Kent State University | M.S.: The Pennsylvania State University

Betsy Milarcik

Community Director, Copley Hall
Office Location:
 Copley 115
Contact Information:| 202.687.0633
Degrees: B.A. English: Villanova University | M.F.A. Creative Writing: Emerson College | M.Ed. Higher Education: Harvard University

Jazmin Ramirez

Community Director, Henle Village
Office Location:
 Henle 3A
Contact Information: | 202.687.6014
Degree: B.A. Sociology: Providence College | M.Ed. Higher Education in Student Affairs: Salem State University

Ashley Stewart

Coordinator, Summer Programs
Office Location:
 Harbin 104
Contact Information: | 202.687.4563
Degree: B.A. Communication: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign | M.S. College Student Personnel: Western Illinois University

Kendall Valente

Community Director, Alumni Square & Townhouses
Office Location:
 Alumni Square 100
Contact Information: | 202.687.6742
Degree: B.A. Sociology: Framingham State University | M.Ed. College Student Personnel Administration: James Madison University

Summer Wigley

Community Director, Village A
Office Location:
 Village A E100 (next to laundry facilities)
Contact Information: | 202.687.8432
Degree: B.A. Psychology: The University of Mississippi | M.Ed. Higher Education Administration: Kent State University

Anthony Wise

Community Director, Village C West
Office Location:
 VCW 411
Contact Information: | 202.687.2659
Degree: B.A. English: University of Maryland Eastern Shore | MBA Marketing: Saint Leo University