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The Transfer Living Learning Community invites new transfer students to live together in an intentional, reflective, and collaborative environment. Unlike other LLCs that cohere around a particular intellectual theme or an insistent world problem, the TLLC is animated by our shared experience entering Georgetown after the first (and sometimes second) year. We have been elsewhere, made a decision to leave that previous institution, and we bring fresh, diverse, and often intensely personal perspectives on Georgetown in doing so. The community takes different shapes as the year rolls along, beginning as a supportive environment to nurture the transition, but opening up to new and different priorities and themes as the group decides.

The Transfer LLC cultivates a fun, active, intellectual community, propelled by opportunities for mentorship, programming, and collegiality.

Each year a few former transfer students will be present as "ambassadors" for the community. Their roles will be that of fellow journeyers, having been through the transition already and available to offer advice, support, insight, and companionship. The ambassadors will support the work of the RA and the faculty advisor. All students, new and returning, will work together to shape the vision for the community.

Learning Outcomes and/or Goals

  • Residents’ transition to Georgetown supported by deliberate reflection and engagement among peers.
  • Residents will learn from others about the diversity of experiences that bring students to Georgetown, and more fully appreciate the complex variety of higher education institutions, the challenges of transitions, and the fullness of this particular intellectual and social environment.

Key Programs

  • Opening reflection and retreat
  • Community hours (feat. pancakes, sweets, kids, gumbo, brownies)
  • Excursions through DC
  • Transfer ESCAPE retreat
  • Dinners with friends and faculty
  • End-of-Year Retreat

LLC Leadership

Advisor: Dr. Tad Howard
Community Director: Danielle Melidona

The Transfer LLC is located in McCarthy Hall and open to Georgetown transfer students