Living Learning Communities for First Years

Living Learning Communities (LLC) integrates academics with your outside interests. You can live with others who share your enthusiasm about a topic! Although each LLC has a different theme, overall goals are:

  • Enhance overall educational experience
  • Foster learning through group activities
  • Establish a sense of community
  • Encourage support and respect of each other and the program
  • Promote the LLC themes throughout the University

Learn more about Living Learning Communities for transfer and upperclass students.

Living Well
A diverse group of students who commit to living a well-balanced and engaged lifestyle. Choose to live free of alcohol, tobacco, and other mind-altering substances both on and off campus.

Culture & Performance
Expand your appreciation and knowledge of different cultures and performances through late night conversations, museum and theatre trips.

Justice & Diversity in Action
Strive to create and sustain an environment that supports each other’s work for social change and commitment to grow in knowledge of human diversity in all its aspects

Explore DC
Explore D.C. aims to connect first-year students with the vibrant and community of Washington D.C. by providing students with unique opportunities to experience D.C. culture through local events, excursions, community service projects, and professional networking opportunities.

The Entrepreneurship Living and Learning Community (E-Ship LLC) will offer first-year students an exciting and unique opportunity to live, learn, and participate in activities that have an entrepreneurship focus.

Application for Living Learning Communities

Applications for first year students will open in May 7th and for transfer students on June 19th. On the appropriate day, students will receive an e-mail from Residential Living outlining the process for applying for housing and Living Learning Communities.  Please check your e-mail for the information outlined in a digital viewbook!