The Culture and Performance Living Learning Community (CPLLC) takes its appreciation of culture and the arts seriously – our community believes that culture and art are food for our souls. Culture is such an encompassing subject that there is sure to be something for everyone!

Students expand their appreciation and knowledge of different aspects of culture and performance informally through late-night conversations about their interests in the common room, as well as through more formal programs including museum and theater trips.

Student interests include theater, music, dance, film, painting, writing, languages, food, cartoons, and much more! The community is seeking individuals with a passion for culture and the arts, and a desire to seek out new experiences. The CPLLC – it’s soul food!

Learning Outcomes and/or Goals

  • To create a community where residents feel like they belong and are welcome.
  • To provide a space where students are embracing and learning about cultures that are similar and different from theirs.
  • To provide opportunities for students to engage with performances within Georgetown and the larger community of District of Columbia

Key Programs

  • Fall Retreat
  • Pumpkin Carving with other Living and Learning Communities
  • Field Trips to  museums, theater performances, and festivals.
  • Culture Dinners prepared by residents or catered.
  • Movie Screenings
  • Sunday Snack and Share


Do you have to be involved in a performing group on campus to be part of CPLLC ?

Although a significant number of residents tend to be in a performing group, it is certainly not a requirement.


Is CPLLC mostly for theater people ?

No. Theater is just one interest/discipline among many that bring students to CPLLC.


Are all class years represented in CPLLC ?

Yes, we typically have residents from all class years, including transfer students. We’ve even had exchange students.


What does “Culture” mean in the scope of CPLLC activities?

It means that we run programs with a strong cultural component, especially when it comes to non-U.S. or non-mainstream cultures. In particular, we organize “Culture of the Month” dinners for which residents are encouraged to prepare dishes that reflect their cultural heritage.


How is programming managed and funded? Can a student suggest an activity?

Programming can be initiated by the advisor(s), by the RA or residents. In fact, residents are encouraged to initiate activities. We work collaboratively to offer diversity in our programs, and the goal is to design programs that are free of charge to residents, using LLC funds.


Where do programs typically take place?

Some programs take place right at home in the Reynolds 2 common room, but it can be at any campus location, and occasionally off campus. In the past few years we have gone to see shows at the Kennedy Center (opera and ballet), at Synetic in Crystal City, at Woolly Mammoth and the Shakespeare Theater Company downtown, among others. We’ve also been on field trips to various area museums, to Mount Vernon (George Washington’s home in VA), the Hillwood estate & gardens, the Anderson House and other regional landmarks of historical relevance.


Can one get a single room within CPLLC ?

If singles are made available for our community, then singles are normally assign to returning CPLLCers first. Any remaining singles are then attributed by descending order of general seniority.

LLC Leadership​

Advisor: Professor Guy Spielmann
Community Director: Tom Mangano

Culture & Performace is located in Reynolds Hall and is open to all class years.