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Members of Justice and Diversity in Action (JDA) strive to create and sustain an environment that supports each other’s work for social change and commitment to grow in knowledge of human diversity in all its aspects. Together, we seek to be open, honest, and sensitive in examining attitudes, prejudices, and actions that undermine respect for diversity and perpetuate injustice, as these arise both within and beyond the Georgetown University community.

We advocate for justice, as individuals and as a group. Our members come from all schools in the University and include First-Years to Seniors; often there is good mix of international students as well as those who hail from the United States. Programming aims to grant residents the opportunity to learn more about prevalent social justice issues through both dialogue and engagement within the community; calling residents to be both open-minded and creative.

Learning Outcomes and/or Goals

  • Residents will be able to identify 2-3 social justice focus areas outside of their personal interests.
  • Residents will be able to articulate what ‘justice and diversity in action’ looks like from multiple contexts including community-wide, national, and international perspectives.
  • Residents will be able to practice ‘justice and diversity in action’ through intentional programming, engagement with the greater DC community, and reflective dialogue with one another.

Key Programs:

  • Opening Retreat
  • Community Service Day
  • MLK Day of Service
  • Local marches and peace rallies
  • Various events including collaborative events with other campus organizations and offices


What is the makeup of JDA?  

JDA usually comprises students from First Year through Senior year. JDA has also often been home to Transfer Students and International Exchange Students.

I am living in JDA this year.  Do I have to reapply to remain in the Community next year?

Yes, the Office of Residential Living requires all those who want to live in LLCs to apply each year, even if already a member of the particular LLC in question.

I am living in JDA this year and intend to re-apply for next year.  Does this give me any priority over other applicants who are applying for the first time?

JDA works at being a community, a home, a kind of second family for its members.  So if you have been a JDA community member in good standing and in every way (supporting other JDAers, participating in JDA life and programs, working out roommate conflicts amicably, etc. ) then, yes, you have some priority over new members.  But JDA is never meant to be a “clique,” so openness to new members is also a value in community formation.  

I am applying to JDA.  Can I select my own roommate?   Do I have to have an agreed-upon roommate to apply?

This depends.  First-Year students in JDA are assigned their roommates. Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors are asked for roommate preferences.But a sophomore, junior, or senior who applies to JDA is not required to have an agreed-upon roommate ahead of time.  If the applicant does not, and if the room is a double, a roommate will be assigned.  

I am a rising sophomore.  If I apply to JDA, can I get a single room?   Is a single more likely for a rising sophomore who lived in JDA the previous year?

It is very unlikely a sophomore, even one who has already been a JDAer during the First-Year, will get a single room on the JDA floor.  The available singles have been assigned to Seniors and Juniors in the university and to JDA returners.If you have a documented medical need for a single, approved through ARC, then that is a different matter.

I am a rising junior or senior.  If I apply to JDA, can I get a single room?

Single rooms on the JDA floor are allocated according to points earned through seniority at Georgetown and seniority in the JDA community.  So, for example, a rising junior who applies to the JDA community for the first time receives “3” points toward a single, a while a rising junior who has already been a member of JDA for First-Year and Sophomore Year, receives a total of “6” points.  Following this logic, a rising senior who applies and who has been in JDA the whole time has “8” points toward a single.   

I have heard that JDA requires students to be involved in an individual service commitment as well as in JDA common commitments and programs, and I am worried I may be taking on too much.  What can I expect?  

Yes, JDA members are expected to be involved in some work of their own for social justice and/or respect for authentic diversity.  And, yes, JDA takes on some common commitments of learning about or working on such issues.  In terms of balancing demands and priorities, at Georgetown student academics ought to come first.  But there are many ways to incorporate service commitments without becoming overburdened with one’s JDA LLC requirements.  Sign up for an Alternate Spring Break.  Take a course that includes Community-based learning.  Sign up for a “Diversity Dialogue one semester.”  Find a service commitment that is more time-limited rather than year-long, for example, joining the Hypothermia team for the winter months.    And so on.

What is JDA’s so-called “Wider Tent”?

There have been more Georgetown students who want to participate regularly in JDA, in events, and in enjoying the Common Room conversations, than there are spaces in rooms on the floor.  “Wider Tent” comes from a passage in the Hebrew Scriptures from the book of the Prophet Isaiah, Ch 54:  2-3.  “Enlarge the limits of your home, spread wide the curtains of your tent; let out its ropes to the full and drive the pegs home; for you shall break out of your confines left and right. This spiritual attitude of expanding the horizons of our concerns and reaching out to those who would otherwise be on the margins matches very well with the basic purposes of JDA.  So Georgetown students who want to be full members of JDA, even while not living on the floor itself, are “Wider Tent.”  They are expected, however, to participate in Opening Retreat and Closing Reflection and in as many JDA programs as possible.  And they are expected, as is every member of JDA, to come to know each person and build the JDA community of mutual support, trust, and affection.

LLC Leadership

Advisor: Professor Elizabeth Grimm-Arsenault
Community Director: Danielle Melidona

Justice & Diversity in Action is located in McCarthy Hall and is open to all class years.