Abroad Spring Semester

The Office of Global Education (OGE) will notify The Office of Residential Living when students are selected to study abroad. Students going aboard in the spring semester, including students who live in townhouses, must remove all of their belongings before winter break. Students who still have conditionals on their study abroad plans but are certain they will be cleared must remove their belongings from their residence.  Students will not have access to their former residence after the close of the fall semester.

All students moving out at the end of the fall semester must return their key at the end of the fall semester. Failure to return the key will result in a $200 non-returned key fee and lock change. We will conduct an inspection of your vacated space and assess damages.

Selecting Housing While Abroad

Students studying abroad will be able to participate in the housing selection process. In order to participate, the student will need to have access to the internet while abroad. The Office of Residential Living will send an email to study abroad students in the fall to remind students of the Eligibility process for rising seniors.  Students studying abroad in the spring will continue to receive email updates regarding the housing selection process conducted in the spring semester. It is the student’s responsibility to keep up with the Housing Selection dates. Exceptions to deadline will not be made because of lack of knowledge about deadline dates.

Students who wish to select housing as part of a group will need to obtain their groups selected name and password from the Group Sponsor. You will need to add yourself to this group via your Hoya Housing page and complete your HOA, LPQ and emergency contacts. The Group Sponsor will go in at a later date and select the room and bed space for you.


Students studying abroad in a non-OGE  program,  taking a leave of absence through their academic dean, should fill out a Housing Drop form available from the Office of Residential Living. Once we receive verification from the Registrar’s Office, the student will be dropped from housing