MAGIS Moment

Did you catch our team going above and beyond to meet our mission?  TELL US ABOUT IT!

We call this a “MAGIS Moment”. A Jesuit term, the word MAGIS is latin for more or better. Our Jesuit tradition calls us to be in service of others and to reach, not necessarily for more, but for moments of meaningful engagement.

The mission of the Office of Residential Living is to: ”Create comfortable, inclusive communities that foster formation and engagement.The MAGIS Moment program provides students, faculty, staff, families and other guests to share a story about a time we went above and beyond to meet our mission.

If you’ve had an experience or interaction that represented MAGIS through either their words or actions, we hope you will let us know.  To share your story, please complete and submit this form.We appreciate your words of encouragement and recognition as our team strives to put our our mission in action.