After Selection & During the Academic Year

Residential Living Initiated Assignments
Students who are required to live on campus for the current or following academic year, who did not participate in the housing selection process or apply for housing during the Summer or Spring application process’, will be manually housing by the Office of Residential Living, where remaining vacancies exist.

Remaining Open Beds
Students with a vacancy in their unit after Phase 1 will have three business days to request an additional resident(s) to be added to their space, this can be done through Hoya Housing (See instructions for the PULL-IN process on the Selection Walkthrough page). After three days, the vacancy will become available during Phase 2 and could filled by an individual student. Any vacancies that were not filled during one of the Selection Phases, the Office of Residential Living reserves the right to use this bed during the manual or summer assignment process’; students will be notified when a new resident is assigned with them.

Academic Year Room Switch
Once the academic year begins, and when the Room Switch Freeze is not in place (see below), students who wish to change rooms can submit the Room Switch application through Hoya Hoya housing.

Room Switch Freeze windows
The first two weeks of Fall semester, beginning the Monday after move-in. Also, the first Monday of November through the first two weeks of Spring Semester, beginning on the first day of spring semester classes.

Academic Year Vacancy Filling
Students will be notified if a drop or switch occurs in your unit. All remaining residents of the space will have three business days to name a replacement but emailing with all current and request roommates copied on the email. After three business days, the open bed will become available for Residential Living to use at any time. Should Residential Living need to assign a student to your open bed, you will receive a 24-hour notice before the new resident is eligible to pick up a key and move in.

Senior Eligibility

Rising Seniors who are considering living on campus must first apply for Eligibility - a fall semester application process. Since we cannot guarantee housing to every senior, we must determine who is eligible for on-campus housing through the Eligibility application process.

Applications for the 19-20 academic year will be available on Hoya Housing:

  • Application Opens: 9 AM, Monday, October 15, 2018
  • Application Closes: NOON, Friday, October 19, 2018
  • Results Posted: 12pm (noon), October 26, 2018

Seniors may apply for eligibility in groups of 1, 2, 3, or 4. If signing up in a group, you will need to identify a Group Sponsor who will be responsible to collect each individual’s Selection Code, to sign the group up for eligibility. Groups who sign-up for eligibility together do not have to remain in the same group for the spring selection phases. Only students who sign up for and are granted Eligibility can participate in the Spring 2019 Housing Selection Process.

Who Should Apply for Eligibility

Any member of the class of 2020 who is considering living on campus in the 2019-2020 academic year must apply for eligibility.

  • Junior transfer students
  • Students considering applying for an RA position
  • Students considering studying abroad in the Fall 2019 semester
  • Athletes
  • Students with medical housing needs
  • Students planning on applying to live in a Living Learning Community

How Eligibility is Determined

Groups are randomly sorted by the computer to determine their order. If the number of students applying for eligibility exceeds the amount of space available for rising seniors a waitlist will be created. Students/groups added to the Eligibility Waitlist will be offered housing as space becomes available. Requesting eligibility does not obligate one to live on campus. It just gives one the option of entering the housing selection process if granted eligibility.
IMPORTANT: If you receive eligibility and decide not to live on campus, you can decline your eligibility by emailing  Doing so will allow us to offer space to students on the waitlist. There is no cancellation fee for declining eligibility.

Four-year Guarantee

Students with high financial need, as determined by the Office of Student Financial Services, who apply for eligibility by the October 19 deadline, will be guaranteed Eligibility. Students who miss the Eligibility application window will not be considered for the four-year guarantee.

Junior Swap Option

Rising juniors who wish to swap their third year of housing for their senior year, must submit a request this swap through the fall semester process. 

The 19-20 Application will be available on Hoya Housing, October 2018.

Medical Housing Accommodation Requests

Students needing medical housing accommodations should contact the Academic Resource Center. Medical housing must be applied for each year as previous medical housing applications do not automatically carry over.

Students with dietary concerns and restrictions, including food allergies and/or intolerance, should be in contact with Tiffany Newenhouse, a registered dietitian, who works in Dining Services. Ms. Newenhouse will be able to discuss your concerns and provide appropriate guidance in food selection. Her contact information is | 202-687-5379.

19-20 Academic Year

  • Application available: Monday, December 3, 2018
  • Continuing students first consideration: Thursday, February 21, 2019

Students who apply and are approved for a medical accommodation by the first consideration deadline will receive their medical assignment before the first phase of Housing Selection.

  • Continuing students second consideration: Monday, April 15, 2019

Students who apply and are approved for a medical accommodation, after the first consideration deadline, will be notified of their medical accommodation assignment after the second consideration deadline. 

Details about the medical housing application process can be reviewed on the Academic Resource Center's website. 

Residency Exemption Requests

The Residency Requirement Exemption application for 19-20 will be available on Hoya Housing, Wednesday, October 17, 2018.

Members of the classes if of 2021 & 2022 may apply for an exemption from living on campus for the 2019-20 academic year, if they meet one of the following criteria:

  • Residing with parents, legal guardian, or immediate family who live within a commutable distance of the University
  • Attainment of age 22 by the start of the fall semester
  • Currently married
  • Student's dependent(s) resides with the student

To be approved, students must submit the Residency Requirement Exemption form and all accompanying documents online through their Hoya Housing page, by NOON, Friday, March 15, 2019.

ATTENTION: rising juniors who will be coming back from abroad spring 2019 must apply for an exemption now; mid-year exemption requests are not accepted, so please plan ahead!

Housing Types & Options

Unavailable spaces
Some apartments, townhouses and residence hall rooms may not be available for selection as those spaces are held for Resident Assistants, RHO managers, athletic teams, Living Learning Communities, and students with medical accommodations. Final available spaces will be viewable by the Group Sponsor within the assigned selection time.

Apartments/townhouses with fewer than 4 occupants
Any two- or three-person apartments or townhouses are first reserved for medical accommodations.

Single Rooms
Single rooms are located in Kennedy, LXR, McCarthy and Reynolds and are available to juniors and seniors only. A waitlist will be available after Phase 2 Selection for students who did not get to select a single but still want to be considered for one. To be added to this first-come, first-serve waitlist, please email Note: because single rooms operate on a first-come, first-serve waitlist, students cannot pull-in a replacement for their single if they choose to switch or vacate at any time after they select into the space.

  1. 18-19: Single Room Waitlist

Triples in residence halls
A limited number of triple rooms are available for selection. Triple rooms are located in LXR, Kennedy, McCarthy, Reynolds. Students will be able to sign up in groups of three for that selection process. Students who select triple rooms as a double should expect a third person to be assigned to that space.

Copley and LXR fifth floors
Are all-female floors with community bathrooms. There are no suites on the fifth floor of Copley Hall.

Ryan Hall and Isaac Hawkins Hall
Students who wish to live in this residence hall should have applied to the Spirit of Georgetown Residential Academy.

Arrupe Hall
The 4 and 6-person suites will be available in Phase 1. The few 2-person double rooms will be available in Phase 2.

Single-gender Floors

First-year single gender floors are available. Locations of these floors may change based on the number of requests for this type of floor. Most residence hall floors are all co-ed. On co-ed floors, separate hall baths for males and females are located on each floor. Only Village C rooms have private bathrooms.

You may request a single-sex floor when you fill out your Living Preference Questionnaire. Only students who select this option will be assigned to a single-sex floor. Students who request a roommate that did not select this option will not be assigned to a single-sex floor.

Housing Fair
The kick-off to the Housing Selection process is our annual Housing Fair. We recommend that you attend this early February event where you will have access to view floor plans, room layouts, speak with the building’s Community Directors, as well as current residents. A housing selection information session will also take place during the fair and other Residential Living staff members will be available to answer any of your specific housing questions.

Housing Occupancy Agreement (HOA)

The Housing Occupancy Agreement is available on your Hoya Housing page; a copy can be reviewed on our Forms & Documents page. You must elecontrically sign the HOA, provide your Emergency Contact Info and fill out the Living Preference Questionnaire as the first step in the application process. Carefully read the provisions of the Agreement to understand what you are signing, since you will be legally bound by the terms of this Agreement for the entire academic year (unless you go abroad for the fall or spring term). It contains the cancellation fees for terminating the Agreement after it has been signed.

To avoid paying a cancellation fee, students who want to drop their housing are permitted to exchange their Housing Agreement with another eligible student. The other student must not have signed an Agreement and must not be required to live on campus (freshman, sophomore or junior).

Emergency Housing

The Georgetown University community needs to be prepared for any emergency that might occur. Please be aware that it might be necessary in such an emergency to temporarily place one or more Georgetown students in your apartment or townhouse. These students would occupy either a vacant space or might need to occupy the living-room area until permanent housing arrangements can be made or the emergency can be resolved. We appreciate your cooperation if such a situation should occur.

These townhouse residences, 3517 and 3519 Prospect Street, have been designated for use as a potential isolation space in the event of an infectious public health need. Students assigned to or who select this residence will be required to vacate the space if required. In the event of such an emergency, students may be provided little to no notice to move but will be provided with assistance to relocate to available vacancies in campus housing. We appreciate your cooperation if such a situation should occur.

Room Changes

Room Change Requests During the Academic Year

Students wishing to request a room change during the academic year must meet with their Community Director. There is a room switch freeze in place during the first two weeks of the fall and spring semesters, as well as the last month of each semester. During room switch freeze periods, only emergency room changes can be made at the discretion of Residential Living staff.

18-19 Fall-to-Spring Room Switch Process

Residents in a fall assignment who wish to switch to a new spring assignment must request a switch by completing the Fall-to-Spring Room Switch Application, which is due by 12 PM (noon), Friday, November 2, 2018. This application requires that you identify the new spring assignment that you wish to switch into and the residents of that space have also complete the Spring Vacancy Filling Application, naming you as the new roommate for spring. Students will not be switched if the request is not mutual or the space is not vacant. 

By electing to Room Switch for spring semester you will be held responsible for the following:

  • All items must be packed up and removed from your bed, desk, dresser and closet before you vacate. Failure to move out and return will result in a lock change and moving fee being assigned to your student account.
  • You are responsible for the storage of your items. You must either take them home or make arrangements to have them neatly stored and clearly marked in the corner of either your fall or spring assignment.
  • Return your fall semester room key to either Harbin 100 or your RHO. Please ask for and retain a key receipt for your records. A non-returned key will result in a $200 fine.

18-19 Vacancy Filling Requests

Residents remaining in their same fall assignment for spring semester, who are anticipating a vacancy in their unit for Spring 2019, can request to fill that space by completing the Spring 2019 Vacancy Filling form, which is due by 12 PM (noon), Friday, November 2, 2018.

Residential Academy Residents:
If you anticipate a vacancy for Spring 2019, please complete the form above. The residents you request will be sent an Academy application and their addition to your unit will be dependent on approval of this application.  
Use this form if you are requesting a returning study abroad student(s) or a student(s) who is moving from different space on campus. 

*Students who were granted Study Abroad Holds do not need to be requested, as their Hold has already guaranteed them a specific assignment.

*Requests must be mutual; Residential Living will honor requests where both parties have completed their required applications. New spring assignments will be confirmed, the first week of December.

Housing Cancellation
If you are a current senior planning to move off campus for the spring, the deadline to cancel housing, with a $1000 cancellation fee, is 5 PM Friday, October 26, 2018. After that date students are responsible for the full spring semester room fee. To cancel your housing, please complete a Housing Drop form in Harbin 100.

Graduating Seniors & Withdraw from the University

There is no cancellation fee for students who will withdraw or graduate at the end of Fall 2018, however, you must complete a Housing Drop form available in the Office of Residential Living, Harbin 100. Please complete this form by November 2, 2018.

Non Discrimination Policy

Georgetown University provides housing to undergraduates without regard to, and does not discriminate on the basis of, age, color, disability, family responsibilities, familial status, gender identity or expression, genetic information, marital status, national origin, personal appearance, political affiliation, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, source of income, veteran's status or any other factor prohibited by law in its educational programs and activities. Inquiries regarding Georgetown University's non-discrimination policy may be addressed to Institutional Diversity, Equity & Affirmative Action, 37th and O Sts., N.W., Suite M36, Darnall Hall, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. 20057.

The Office of Residential Living is committed to finding safe and appropriate housing for students who self-identify as transgender or gender non-conforming on a case by case basis. For more information contact us at

Housing Communications

Residential living will send all communication to student’s Georgetown email account. A copy of the correspondence may be found in the inbox of a student’s Hoya housing portal.

Housing Breaks

Students can remain on campus during Thanksgiving, Spring and Easter Breaks and all three-day weekends.

During Winter Break, all students living in residence halls and apartments must vacate their residence. You will not be permitted back into your residence until Spring Semester opening.

Early Move-In

2018 Summer to 18-19 Academic Year Transition Housing

On the check-in date listed in Hoya Housing, you can proceed to your academic year assignment designated RHO to get a Lockout Key to your academic year space. Once you have moved-out of your summer space, return your summer key to the RHO for the summer assignment space and check-out. Then proceed to your academic year RHO where you will exchange the Lockout Key for your academic year room key and be checked in to your academic space.

Approved to Move-in Early

Students who are moving in early will have access to free 2-hour parking in the Southwest garage. Vehicular traffic and street parking is not permitted on campus and cars found in violation will be ticketed. If you are parking on city streets, please obey posted parking signs and rules.

After parking, students will proceed to their designated RHO to obtain their room key and check in. Please follow up with your early arrival program’s Advisor for instructions on how to proceed after moving-in/

Late 2018 August Transition Requests

  • Requests to move in early may be submitted to Requests that are received after July 12 will only be granted if we are able to have the space prepared in time.  We will only consider late requests for August 24 and 25th and can no longer accommodate students moving in one day earlier than a department has requested them.  The late rate is $75 per person, per night.
  • Students who arrive on campus without approval may not be accommodated. If we are able to make an exception, they will be charged $100 per night. 
  • Students who have a roommate who is approved for August Transition cannot move in early unless they are also approved.
  • Keys and GOCard access be declined until your approved move-in date. A $150 per night fee will be assessed to any student residing on campus without authorization.

January 2019 Transition

Only students returning from a study abroad program may request to move in one day earlier than the designated move in day. The form to request early move in will be sent to study abroad students with their spring assignments in early December.

Study Abroad Information

I'm studying abroad in the fall

The Office of Global Education (OGE) will notify The Office of Residential Living when students are selected to study abroad. Students who have been accepted will not be able to participate in the Housing Selection Process. If there are conditions for approval, the student will not be dropped from housing selection or the room assignment until OGE notifies us the conditions have been cleared.  

Spring 2019 Housing

Beginning in September, you will request housing through the Housing Application in Hoya Housing. Applications must be submitted by 12 PM (noon), Friday, November 2, 2018 for first consideration.If you would like to live in an LLC you must also send an email so we can direct your request to the advisor for the LLC you're interested in; applications will be accepted based on space available.

If you are looking to fill a specific vacancy:

  • Have the resident(s) who will be remaining in the unit spring semester, submit the Spring Vacancy Filling form, also due 12 PM (noon), Friday, November 2, 2018
  • Only continuing residents of a unit may request students to fill vacancies. Students cannot request to fill into completely vacant apartments.

Spring 2019 Housing Assignment Process

Applications will be randomly ordered; assignments will be prioritized based on this order and mutual roommate requests.  While we will make every effort to assign students to one of their top requests, we cannot guarantee vacancies will occur in those rooms or apartments. Some students make arrangements with other students to hold space for them while abroad. These agreements are made between students and are not enforced by the Office of Residential Living. By submitting a request for spring housing, we will assign you to a vacancy, regardless of whether it was one of your preferences. Students who request a Fall-to-Spring Room Switch will only be reassigned if they can identify a specific building/room space; we will not move a student to a new spring space if they cannot self-identify a space.

Students approved for Study Abroad or Fall-only Holds:
Students who received a study abroad or fall-only hold, DO NOT need to apply for spring housing. Their assignments have already been confirmed and Hoya Housing will be updated with this information the first week of December. 

Spring Medical Accommodation Request

Students returning from a study abroad program who require medical housing for the spring semester, please follow the process outlined here: Academic Resource Center. Completed requests (application and submission of documentation) are due by 5 PM, Friday, October 26, 2018. Requests received after that will not be reviewed until after the start of the spring 2019 semester.

January 2019 Transition

Only students returning from a study abroad program may request to move in one day earlier than the designated move in day. The form to request early move in will be sent to study abroad students with their spring assignments in early December.


I'm studying abroad in the spring

The Office of Global Education (OGE) will notify The Office of Residential Living when students are selected to study abroad. Students going abroad in the spring semester, including students who live in townhouses, must remove all of their belongings before winter break. Students who still have conditionals on their study abroad plans but are certain they will be cleared must remove their belongings from their residence.

Students will not have access to their former residence after the close of the fall semester. All students moving out at the end of the fall semester must return their key at the end of the fall semester. Failure to return the key will result in a $200 non-returned key fee and lock change. We will conduct an inspection of your vacated space and assess damages.

Selecting Housing While Abroad

Students studying abroad will be able to participate in the housing selection process. In order to participate, the student will need to have access to the internet. The Office of Residential Living will send an email to study abroad students in the fall to remind students of the Eligibility process for rising seniors. Students studying abroad in the spring will continue to receive email updates regarding the housing selection process conducted in the spring semester. It is the student’s responsibility to keep up with the Housing Selection dates. Exceptions to deadline will not be made because of lack of knowledge about deadline dates.

Students who wish to select housing as part of a group will need to obtain their groups selected name and password from the Group Sponsor. You will need to add yourself to this group via your Hoya Housing page and complete your HOA, LPQ and emergency contacts. The Group Sponsor will go in at a later date and select the room and bed space for you.

Non-Office of Global Education Programs 

Students studying abroad in a non-OGE program, taking a leave of absence through their academic dean, should fill out a Housing Drop form available from the Office of Residential Living. Once we receive verification from the Registrar’s Office, the student will be dropped from housing

Study Abroad FAQs

Do I have to notify the Office of Residential Living that I am confirmed to go abroad?
No. Global Education (OGE) will notify the Office of Residential Living of your confirmation. We will contact you letting you know we have received notification of your plans to study abroad.

I have a conditional nomination. Can I participate in the housing selection process until my abroad plans are finalized?
Yes. Residential Living will be notified of your study abroad status by Global Education. Once your conditions have been cleared, you will then be dropped from your assignment.

What do I do if I will be abroad with a non-Global Education program?

Students studying abroad in non-OGE programs will take a leave of absence through their Dean. Students should fill out a Housing Drop form in the Office of Residential Living. Once we receive verification from the Registrar’s Office, the student will be dropped from housing.

Will I be financially responsible for breaking the Housing Occupancy Agreement to study abroad?
No, students who study abroad are dropped from housing without financial penalty.

When will I be dropped from my housing assignment?
You will be dropped from housing when we are notified by OIP that your plans to study abroad are confirmed. We will contact you letting you know we have received notification of your plans. If your plans are uncertain, you can request not be dropped from housing until you are sure.

If I’m studying abroad in Spring, what do I do with my room key when I leave?
You must return your room key to the RHO before you leave campus. Failure to return your room key will result in a $200 charge.

If I’m studying abroad in Spring, can I store my belongings in the room over the break and move-out in January?
No. Students must vacate their room/apartment by closing. You must remove all belongings before winter break.

Study Abroad Hold Lottery

The Office of Global Education (OGE) will notify The Office of Residential Living when students are selected to study abroad for fall or full-year programs. Students who have been accepted to study abroad for fall or full-year programs will not be able to participate in the Spring Housing Selection Process.  Students with a pending study abroad approval will not be prevented from going through selection and will only be dropped from housing when a final approval is sent from OGE.

Students who will be studying abroad for fall semester can apply for a study abroad hold.  The application for this hold option will be available on Hoya Housing during the dates posted below. On the application a student will request one of the three options:

Option 1:Study Abroad HOLD only
This allows the student approved to go through the Spring Housing Selection process, select a space with friends, and then have that space left open for fall and guaranteed for them when they return to campus housing in the spring semester.

NOTE: should we receive an unanticipated demand for fall semester housing, Residential Living reserves the right to use this hold for a fall-only resident, but guarantees this space be available to the approved student for the spring semester.

Option 2: Fall-only International Student HOLD only
This allows the student approved to go through the to go through in the Spring Housing Selection process and select a space with their friends; after selection, The Office of Residential Living will move this assignment over to the spring semester, and then during our summer assignment process, assign a fall-only international student.

NOTE: if you select this option, please be sure the fall residents of the space are comfortable with Residential Living matching a fall-only student to this space. 

Opton 3: Request for either hold option
You will be granted either hold depending on the random order your application falls and which hold type is available based on your order. 

Study Abroad Hold Application:

19-20 Hold application will be available on Hoya Housing, March 2019.

The Office of Residential Living will determine, based on fall housing demands, the number of Study Abroad holds we can allow. The number is subject to change from year to year. All applications received during the dates posted above and will be considered for one of the study abroad hold options.

Applications are randomly sorted, selection points and class year are not considered for this process. Residential Living will grant as many holds  as we are able, based on the type requested in the application. The remaining applications will be waitlisted; the waitlist will remain open until Phase 1 Group Formation begins.

Holds may be used during Phase 1 selection only. A maximum of two holds are allowed for apartments and suites. Holds cannot be placed on single or double occupancy residence hall rooms. If a student does not use their hold during Phase 1, the hold expires.

Leave of Absence

I want to take a leave of absence

If you take a leave at any time during the academic year, please follow these steps:

  1. Complete a Housing Drop form, available in Harbin 100

  2. Vacate your campus residence within 48 hours of withdrawing from the University

  3. Remove all personal belongings from your residence; items may not be stored in your room. Items found to be left behind will be removed and a $200 removal fee will be assessed.

  4. Return your key to the RHO or the Office of Residential Living. Do not return the key to your RA or Community Director. Failure to return they can result in a $200 non-returned key fine.

  5. We will conduct an inspection of your residence after you leave to determine if any damage charges need assessment.

If you are returning from a leave of absence, you must initiate your request to live on campus. Please contact for more information

Leave of absence FAQs

What do I do with my room key when I leave?

You must return your room key to the RHO before you leave campus. Failure to return your room key will result in a$100 charge.


Can I store my belongings in the room over winter break and move-out in January?

No. Students must vacate their room/apartment by closing. You must remove all belongings before the break


Are there completely vacant apartments available for the spring semester?

In very rare circumstances, full apartments will become available in the spring. Students are welcome to request full apartments; however, they should also submit alternative filling requests in the event our office cannot accommodate their primary living preferences.


How do I select housing for the next academic year during fall selection?

The Office of Residential Living will contact you in September with information about housing selection for the next academic year. You will proceed with Housing Selection as if you are on campus. If you are planning to apply for housing with someone who is on campus for the fall semester, it may be easiest to have that person in charge of completing the selection process, especially considering time zone differences and availability of reliable internet service.


When will I be notified of my spring housing assignment?

Our office notifies students of their spring assignment by mid-December.