Housing Occupancy Agreeement (HOA)

The HOA is a binding formalized agreement between the Office of Residential Living and residential students living on campus at Georgetown University

[REVIEW the 2019 -2020 agreement] [REVIEW the 2018 -2019 agreement]

Minor Guest Permission Form

Want to bring guests to campus who are under the age of 18? You must fill out a minor guest permission form.

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Residential Cleaning Guide

Tips and tricks for keeping your room and apartment pest free!

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Local Accomodations

We compiled a list of things to do and see in Georgetown and the District of Columbia!

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Bias Reporting Form

Georgetown University takes a strong stance against bias. If you feel as though you are involved in a bias related situation, please fill out the Bias Reporting Form.

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Parent Guide

Are you a parent wanting to know how to handle a certain situation on behalf of your student?

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