FAQ 2020 Student Storage

This page has answers to frequently asked questions for undergraduate, on-campus students using Georgetown’s moving and storage partner. If you do not find an answer to your question below, please email 2020-student-storage@georgetown.edu. Be advised that we are receiving a high volume of inquiries at this time and will do our best to respond as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience as we navigate this situation.

To have your items stored by Georgetown’s moving and storage partner, fill out the Storage Request Form distributed on March 18, 2020. Once complete, your submission will be logged and you will receive additional information on when and how to retrieve your items once determined at a later date.

Please complete storage form 2 to provide additional details if you haven’t already. If you still need to provide additional detail email 2020-student-storage@georgetown.edu.

There is no cost if students elect to use Georgetown’s moving and storage partner through the Storage Request Form.

No. The Storage Request Form the form must be completed by the student while logged into their Georgetown account.

Right now, we are working to securely store a high volume of belongings in a short period of time. We will provide an update on pick-up as soon as we can, but please be aware that items may not be available until move-in in August.

We understand the unique situation seniors may be in and will distribute a followup communication when details become available.

We understand the unique situation students who plan to study abroad may be in and will distribute a followup communication when details become available.

Before the beginning of the fall semester, each room will undergo routine cleaning and upkeep required before assigning them to students. Unfortunately, Georgetown cannot guarantee students will be assigned the same room for the 2020-2021 academic year. 

Georgetown’s provided storage options are available for all students living in university housing only. Unfortunately, that does not apply to off-campus students.
Alternatively, any student can arrange to have the boxes brought to campus to McCarthy Hall – McShain multi-purpose room and pay to store them through The Corp, which will take them now and store them until move-in. More information can be found here: https://thecorp.org/pages/pop-up-storage-spring-2020

As the situation continues to evolve day-to-day, the university has escalated its transition procedure in response. Unfortunately, Georgetown is unable to reimburse any previous moving expenses. Going forward, students are encouraged to take advantage of the university-provided storage option by completing the Storage Request Form.

Georgetown University has partnered with Hilldrup, a professional moving and storage company located within the District of Columbia. It is a trusted university partner with over 115 years of industry experience.

No. Should you have a unique need it is recommended you first contact 2020-student-storage@georgetown.edu for a Georgetown representative to coordinate. Each request will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Please complete this second Storage Request Form detailed information through which you can note your side of the room. If you have a specific need please note it in the follow-up form, and we will assess your request. Movers will make every effort to pack each room logically based on the proximity of the items to beds, desks, etc. A process will be outlined and distributed at a later date to enable students to retrieve items that may have been mixed with their roommates.

Items from each room will be moved into storage based on priority and resources.

Residence Hall keys can be mailed to 100 Harbin Hall, Office of Residential Living, Georgetown University, Washington, DC 20057. Please include your name and room number. Be sure to use a padded envelope to secure the keys in the envelope and avoid returns from the post office.

Yes. A distribution plan will be communicated once determined.

Hazardous materials and perishables are prohibited from being moved into storage, which includes the following:

  • Hazardous Materials
    • Aerosol Cans
    • Ammonia
    • Ammunition
    • Car Batteries
    • Charcoal/Lighter Fluid
    • Chemistry Sets
    • Cleaning Solvents
    • Darkroom Chemicals
    • Fertilizer
    • Fire Extinguishers
    • Fireworks
    • Fuels/Oils
    • Household Batteries
    • Kerosene
    • Liquid Bleach
    • Loaded Guns
    • Matches
    • Nail Polish
    • Paint Thinners
    • Paints/Varnishes
    • Pesticides
    • Poisons
    • Pool Chemicals
    • Propane Tanks
    • Sterno Fuel
    • Weed Killer
  • Perishables
    • Food without Adequate Preservation
    • Frozen Food
    • Open or Half-Used Foods
    • Plants
    • Produce
    • Refrigerated Foods