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Housing Selection Office Hours will be postponed to Thursday, March 22 between 1 PM - 4 PM | Harbin 100

Residency Requirement

Georgetown University requires that all undergraduate students who are regularly admitted and in full-time attendance at the University must live on campus during their freshman, sophomore and junior years, unless specifically exempted from the requirement by the Executive Director of Office for Residential Services or his/her designee. All students residing in on-campus housing are bound by the terms of the Housing Occupancy Agreement.

Junior students may opt to make their senior year their required year of housing using a swap option.  Rising juniors will need to make this application for the requirement year swap option in the fall of their sophomore year.  The Office of Residential Living will determine, based on occupancy projections, the number of junior students allowed to use the swap option.  Students granted the swap option will be required to select housing or will be assigned housing during their senior year. Students approved to swap their junior for senior year will not be granted an exemption from the residency requirement.  Students approved to attend part-time, including seniors fulfilling their third year residency requirement, are still required to live on campus.

Juniors studying abroad may count the semester(s) toward the requirement.  Sophomore transfers will be required to live on campus two years, while junior transfer students will be required to live on campus for their junior year.  Transfer students who meet the posted criteria, may apply for a housing exemption