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Would you like to take part in a community that enriches your experience at Georgetown? Would you like to improve your Spanish while you are exploring different cultures and serving the community? Join the Spanish Floor!

The Spanish Floor serves as a fun community to enrich students' experience at Georgetown. It brings together Georgetown students and faculty with an interest in developing Spanish language fluency and a desire to use the language as a vehicle to explore different cultures, consider relevant global issues from different perspectives, serve the community, seek exciting professional opportunities, and have fun. Students primarily speak Spanish within the community. The floor also host study sessions, movie nights, engage in community service, host faculty dinners and discussions and much more.

Members of the floor gain credit for their experience by taking the one-credit course "Living & Learning in Spanish." This course allows students who are part of community to organize events both on and off campus. The events will serve as the basis for writing reviews that will be published in the course's blog.

Learning Outcomes and/or Goals

The goal of the Spanish Floor is to expand students' knowledge of Latin American and Spanish culture and improve students' Spanish language skills.

Key Programs

Events include theater performances, trips to museums, cooking classes, movie screenings, concerts, cultural events offered at the embassies of Spanish speaking countries. The community also encourages its members to attend events hosted by the Department of Spanish and Portuguese.

LLC Leadership

Advisor: Professor Bohumira Smidakova
Community Director: Betsy Milarcik

Spanish Floor is located in Copley Hall and open to upperclass students