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Magis Row is an independent living learning community for students to pursue individual passions through the infusion of academics, service, and daily life. Reflecting on the Jesuit value of "Magis," students consider how to ask "more" of themselves and others. This unique Residential experience encompasses a continued commitment to personal growth through community engagement, social awareness, and leadership development with a dedication to service.

Learning Outcomes and/or Goals

Magis Row strives to create a dynamic community where residents interact with one another, identifying intersecting interests among a diverse, passionate group.

Although each Magis Row house has its own unique theme, we strive to foster a comfortable, inclusive community in which everyone has a voice.

Magis Row is an independent living learning community where residents can pursue individual passions through the infusion of academic and service. This unique residential experience encompasses a continued commitment to personal growth through community involvement, social awareness, and the development of leaders dedicated to service while ever striving toward magis.

In order to apply to Magis Row, each group must have a student coordinator. Note: You can only apply in groups of 4 and 5. The student coordinator will serve as the liaison between the group members and the Office of Residential Living. In order to start an application, the coordinator will need to:

  • Create a group, username and password. Click the "Create a new group" feature below.  Note: You can only apply in groups of 4 or 5.
  • Share the username and password with the rest of the group members, and make sure that the members add themselves to the group by clicking the "Add yourself to a group" feature below. Note: make sure all members use the correct username and password created by the student coordinator.
  • Once all members are in the group, the coordinator needs to verify the group. This is done by clicking the "Verify group" feature below.
  • Once the group is verified, all members need to make sure to complete the essay questions of the application. Note: application questions can only be accessed after the group is verified. Please click on the Magis Row tab, on the navigation/numbered line, to access the application questions and make sure to complete the questions fully.
  • Lastly, the coordinator is the person that needs to schedule the interview using the interview time slot feature in the application. The Office of Residential Living will be in contact with the coordinator with updates as needed.

Applications should ONLY be submitted by members who will live in the community in the Fall of 2018. You will have the opportunity to discuss study abroad switches during Magis Row interviews.

LLC Leadership

House Staff/Faculty Advisor & Community Director: Kendall Valente

Magis Row FAQs

Are faculty or staff advisors required?

Yes - All Magis Row houses are required to have an advisor who is either a University faculty or staff member. The advisor provides guidance for the house throughout their year on Magis Row and occasionally assists with facilitating events as well.

Do we pick which house we live in?

Residents do not pick which house they will reside in. House placement is determined by the Magis Row selection committee, including the Community Director, based on the size and needs of the group.

Do we pick which rooms we live in?

Yes, residents of each house are asked to determine who will live in each bedroom. Please note residents residing in singles will be charged a higher rate.

Are returning houses guaranteed the same house?

Returning houses are not guaranteed the same house. House placement is determined by the Magis Row selection committee, including the Community Director, based on the size and needs of the group.

Can we switch out students in the house each semester?

We encourage students to apply with a group that can commit to Magis Row for the full academic year to ensure a depth of programming. Occasionally, room switches mid-year are approved for a variety of reasons, such as study abroad or medical purposes. For more information, please contact the Community Director.

Are Magis Row houses co-ed?

Like other residence halls at Georgetown University, the Magis Row houses are not co-ed and students apply in single-sex groups.

I am interested in a topic that already exist, though all the current residents are graduating. Can I still apply with the same theme? If so, can the new group use the same house?

You can apply with the same theme as a graduating house (be sure to complete the new application as the returner application is reflective). We recommend reaching out to the current residents to learn about their theme and see if their focus is a good fit for your group. Applying for the same theme does not guarantee that your group will be accepted or placed in the same house. House placement is determined by the Magis Row selection committee, including the Community Director, based on the size and needs of the group.


2018-2019 Houses

burgundy box, in the center is a white outline of a heart below is the word 'Agape' in a white script font and below that is the words 'Catholic Women& Spirituality' in a white sans-serif fontAgape House | We are a community formed in faith and friendship. As women of faith, we aim to reflect agape—a totally selfless love that seeks to benefit and share with another, which Jesus commands of his followers—toward the Georgetown community and beyond through service and by forming a home founded in love.

lavender circle layered on top are two smaller white circles, the inner circle is solid, the outer circle is dashed; in the middle are the words 'contemplation in cuisine' in purple where the first 'O" is a spoon and the 'U" is a forkContemplation in Cuisine House | With the Contemplation in Cuisine house, we hope to cultivate an environment in which we can consider pressing issues as a community, using food as our catalyst for conversation. Our events allow us to use the medium of food to talk about important events in our community and around the world.

blue brick wall with gray arrow going over it. Beneath the word 'Frontier' in purple, and the 'T' is a black crossFrontier House | Service Beyond Boundaries: “Frontier House” is a team united by a common desire to further our commitment to living authentically out of what Catholic Social Teaching says about service. Through this small but tightly knit LLC, we learn to better integrate our work as students from diverse academic backgrounds with a desire to serve at the frontiers, beyond the boundaries of our society’s comfort zone.
We’ve come together because we see our mission as becoming people of community, in community: not walled off from the problems of society, but getting into the fray to see what we can do. Catholic social teaching and its holistic message of solidarity, stewardship and care for the common good is our guide to a life of faith and service. The issues faced by our brothers and sisters, many whom are marginalised and hurting, are necessarily our problems too. We want to take a stand in service and charity, and this time, we’re beginning at, and with, a home.

a black and gray locomotive with a figure of a girl reading a book and her hair turns into the steam from the train engineHidden Figures (STEAM) House | Considering the high attrition rate of students of color in science, and the remaining students who are left feeling isolated, it begs the question that if there was another form of support would things be the same.  Mae Jemison, a doctor, dancer and first African American woman in space, once said, "The difference between science and the arts is not that they are different sides of the same coin…or even different parts of  the same continuum, but rather they are manifestations of the same thing. The arts and sciences are avatars of human creativity." Due to a combination of stereotypes and gender roles fewer women than men work in STEM fields. Of those women, it's incredibly rare to see black women who are given the tools they need to excel. That's to a large extent because careers in STEM are historically not fields black women are strongly encouraged to enter. We have decided to add Arts to STEM transforming it into STEAM because the synergy between the two enhances our grit and determination to continue to stand in this good fight to be of representation to those who will follow us. Our goal is to have created a new community that will propagate a cyclical chain of learning from one to another, each thriving off other’s experiences.

blue outline of healy hall with the word 'STAND' layered on top in white underneath is the word 'house'Men’s STAND (Socioeconomic Ties and Network of Dialogue) | Men’s STAND House is dedicated to fostering a community that cultivates dialogue and allyship among all students regardless of socioeconomic status. Guided by the Jesuit ideal of Community in Diversity, we strive to equip students with the tools to engage in critical discussions about the importance of socioeconomic inclusivity and unite students from a myriad of socioeconomic, racial, religious, and political backgrounds on the Hilltop.

Women’s STAND (Socioeconomic Ties and Network of Dialogue) | The Women’s STAND House strives to engage in socioeconomic dialogue that facilitates community by  peer-led dialogue, and reflection. Our Community in Diversity centers on socioeconomic inclusivity through an intersectional lens, with a commitment to building bridges between identities, generating discussion, and serving as a brave, reflective space.

image of a black women in a yellow dress wearing a crown on her head carrying the world on her backQ.U.E.E.N. House | The mission and goal of the 2018-2019 Q.U.E.E.N. House is to provide a place for women of color and their allies to express ourselves through art, explore new opportunities, practice spirituality, and examine the role identity plays in our lives.

image of the united states with lines connecting washington dc with various cities; the words 'urban legacy house' is above and 'from many we are one' belowU.R.B.A.N. (Under-Represented Brothers from Across the Nation) Legacy HouseIt was our freshmen year when we met five brothers that greeted us with open hearts and complete understanding. In a sense, they took us under their wings and gave us guidance. They showed us that it was possible to be successful both academically and socially. And most of all, they gave us a safe space to be ourselves. Ultimately, this is everything that URBAN House set out to be: a place for fruitful dialogue that creates lasting relationships and unity. It is for that we want to expand upon the legacy already created by the original URBAN Legends (as we like to call them).
The URBAN Legacy Magis Row community serves as a support group, mentorship network and a safe place for dialogue on any issues facing the Georgetown, national, or the greater global community that our fellow Hoyas deem pertinent to discuss. This space also fosters mobilization on ideas and actions based on evidence. Additional, we aim for our living learning community to serve as a comfortable place where men of color can feel at ease and relaxed. In sum, our mission is the same as our predecessors: we want to build bridges and add links.

blue box layered on top is a smaller white outline of a box; inside are the words 'women in tech magis row'Women in Tech House | The gender divide in the field of technology is no secret; there is perhaps no other field with a gap so immense. While learning and advancing in the field as a woman and/or a member of another historically underrepresented group in tech is difficult in itself, it is also incredibly challenging to voice your concerns when there is no one in the room who looks like you or shares your experiences. Our mission is to create a space for women and other underrepresented groups in technology to come together, share ideas, and gain new perspectives. We hope that our house can be a place where people feel comfortable discussing their experiences with tech and the challenges they have faced in their educations or careers.

2017-2018 Houses

  • Art House

  • Contemplation in Action
  • Flourishing House
  • Grátia Pléna
  • Queen House
  • Sustainability in Dress
  • Men’s STAND (Socioeconomic Ties and Network of Dialogue)
  • U.R.B.A.N. (Under-Represented Brothers from Across the Nation) Legacy House

  • Women’s STAND (Socioeconomic Ties and Network of Dialogue)

2016-2017 Houses

  • Caritas
  • House of Books
  • Human Trafficking in America
  • Intersectional Feminism
  • Intersectional Labor Justice House
  • John and Alicia Nash House
  • Meditation House
  • Queen House
  • Rooted
  • The Anchor House
  • U.R.B.A.N: Under-Represented Brothers from Across the Nation

2015-2016 Houses

  • Global Development Incubator
  • House of Books
  • Intersectional Feminism
  • Magnificat: Catholic Women and Spirituality House
  • QUEEN House
  • Rooted
  • Student-Worker Solidarity House
  • The Lighthouse
  • Turbulent Middle East
  • U.R.B.A.N: Under-Represented Brothers from Across the Nation
  • Women Policy Makers: Manu Propria

2014-2015 Houses

  • Immigrant's Home
  • Female Empowerment/ Terra Incognita House
  • Magnificat/ Catholic Women & Spirituality
  • Justice As A Movement
  • Proactive Living and Social Entrepreneurship
  • Meditation House
  • Women Policy Makers
  • Renaissance House
  • Intersectional Feminism
  • SPARK (Students Passionate about Academic Research and Knowledge)
  • The Tree HAUS/ Hoyas Altering Urban Space

2013-2014 Houses

  • Catholic Education and Understanding
  • Contemplation in Action
  • Education for Social Change
  • El Hogar del Poder Latino (HPL)
  • Patrick Healy House
  • Renaissance House
  • Terra Incognita
  • The Leader Innovating for Tomorrow (LIFT)
  • Women in Science

2012-2013 Houses

  • Catholic Social Teaching
  • Contemplation in Action
  • Patrick Healy House
  • Four Corners
  • Hinduism and Modern Issues
  • GU Men United
  • Latinas Advancing DC Youth (LADY)
  • LightHouse
  • La Casita
  • Renaissance House
  • Reverse GreenHouse
  • Social Change and the Entrepreneurial Spirit

2011-2012 Houses

  • Contemplation in Action (Male)
  • Contemplation in Action (Female)
  • La Casita
  • Cooking with a Conscience
  • Women United
  • Education for Social Change
  • The Body Positive House
  • Georgetown Urban Arts Patrons
  • Georgetown Urban Arts Patrons
  • Catholic Social Justice Teaching (Female)
  • Catholic Social Justice Teaching (Male)
  • Four Corners
  • Engagement in Community
  • Generational House
  • Promise DC