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Crossroads will create a shared residential space in which students can think, learn, and reflect intentionally about concepts of gender and sexuality as part of a process dedicated to forming deeper understandings of themselves and others. Every resident will be strongly encouraged to register for Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies as a means to provide students with foundational and common language to use in their dialogues and discussions.

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Learning Outcomes and/or Goals

  • Care for students by providing dedicated space for collective and individual growth and reflection
  • Deeper connection to Jesuit values, especially cura personalis and identity formation
  • Preservation of a safe, affirming, and accepting residential experience for all students
  • Greater understanding and appreciation of self and others
  • Education surrounding the history, culture, and politics of gender and sexuality
  • Engagement of students to be people and Hoyas for others through discussions about the complexities of intersectionality and the importance of allyship

Key Programs

  • Monthly dinners with faculty members
  • Class discussion within the community
  • Engagement in on and off-campus activities (i.e. theatre performances and wellness activities)

LLC Leadership

Crossroads will be located in Village C East.