Kennedy is part of a 3 building complex which is referred to as the Southwest Quad. It shares a first floor with McCarthy and Reynolds Halls. The Southwest Quad also encompasses Leo O'Donovan Dining Hall, Wolfington Hall Jesuit Residence, a multi-level underground garage, and Hoya Snaxa - a student run convenience store. Every floor has a full kitchen inside of a large community room where many residents gather to share meals, catch their favorite TV show, or study as a group!

photo of kennedy bedroom desks  photo of kennedy built in wall shelving 

photo of kennedy bedroom  photo of kennedy community bathroom 

Room Features

  • Average room square footage: 176.47 sq ft.
  • Each room contains the amount of furniture appropriate for the number of residents (2 or 3):
    • moveable/bunkable beds
    • movable desks with hutches and lights underneath
    • desk chairs
    • built in wall cabinetry with closets, drawer space and hutches

Hall Features

  • 7 co-ed floors
  • Single, double and triple rooms
  • Each floor has:
    • two study rooms
    • four bathrooms
    • a common lounge with furniture, TV, and a fully operating kitchen
  • Kennedy Multipurpose Room
  • Faculty-in-Residence
  • Chaplain-in-Residence
  • Jesuit-in-Residence
  • Living Learning Communities:
  • Laundry facilities, mail facilities and vending machines on the first floor

  • Wi-Fi coverage in all rooms and common areas

  • Cable TV (RCN) service is no longer supported in Kennedy. Cable TV service is supported only in Village A, Village C, Nevils, and Townhouses.

  • Print stations are available

mailing information


Students Full Name
Kennedy Hall RHO
Kennedy Hall & Room Number
Georgetown University
3700 O St. NW

Washington, DC 20057

Letter Mail

Students Full Name
Kennedy Hall & Room Number
Mailbox Number

Georgetown University
3700 O St. NW
Washington, DC 20057

Community Director

photo of the Kennedy Hall Community Director: Tom Mangano
  Tom Mangano

Community Directors are professional live-in staff members employed by the University. These professionals work directly with students, Chaplains-in-Residence, Faculty-in-Residence and campus partners to create a formative living learning environment for our students. Community Directors oversee the Resident Assistant staff within their residential community and develop and implement community educational plans.