Georgetown University Hotel

The Georgetown University Hotel will accommodate upperclass students on two floors for the 2015-16 Academic Year.


  • Laundry facilities available in Henle Village
  • Mail pick-up:  TBD
  • Wi-Fi coverage in all rooms and common areas
  • Cable is not available in student rooms.  Cable TV is available in the floor lounges.
  • Outdoor space on the Esplanade off the second floor of the hotel.

Hall Features

  • Double & triple room occupancy with private bathrooms
  • Co-ed floors
  • Each floor has a furnished community room for socializing and studying complete with:
    • Furniture
    • Cable TV
    • Microwave and larger refrigerator on the floor
  • A Chaplain-in-Residence will be assigned to the Hotel, but will not live in the building.

Room Features

  • Each room is furnished with:

    • Bunkable extra-long twin beds
    • desks with chairs
    • dressers
    • wardrobes
    • carpeting


Jennifer Uwanaka