Finding/Choosing a Roommate

First-year students may select a roommate by either participating in CHARMS (Campus Housing Roommate Matching System) or being matched by Residential Living, based on responses you give to the Living Preference Questionnaire.

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The Office of Residential Living, uses an online program called CHARMS (Campus Housing Roommate Matching System) which allows students the opportunity to select their own roommate, if they so choose. You are not required to participate in this program. If you prefer, we will match you with a roommate based on your answers to the questions on the Living Preference Questionnaire.

All students who will live on campus are required to complete a Living Preference Questionnaire within their Housing Application, located in the 18-19 Housing Application, in Hoya Housing. This questionnaire will be used either by CHARMS' participants or by the Office of Residential Living to match roommates. 

Students who wish to participate in CHARMS will have between June 12 - June 29, 2018 to match yourself with another student. After that date, the Office of Residential Living will make roommate pairings based on your answers to the questions on the Living Preference Questionnaire.

All room assignments will be made by the Office of Residential Living. You will be notified of your room assignment in early August.

Roommate Tips

  • Be clear from the beginning. Talk about your quirks as soon as you can (so you can avoid blowing up about them later!)
  • Address things when they're little. Most of the time your roommate may not even be aware she/he is doing something that annoys you.
  • Respect your roommate's stuff. Ask before you borrow, use, or take anything.
  • Be careful of who you bring into your room -- and how often. Your study habits may be different. Your roommate may love quite and you like crowds. Discuss alternating when someone gets the room for studying, if your preferences differ.
  • Along those lines, decide if overnight guests are allowed and if so, how often. Try not to make your roommate uncomfortable with unwelcome guests.
  • Lock the door and windows. This is BIG. Theft does occur on campus. Keep safe and lock your room when no one is there and at night when you are asleep. Check out this awesome video by our RAs for more information!
  • Be friendly, without expecting to be best friends. You do not have to be best friends with your roommate. Awesome if it happens, but it is okay if it doesn't. Just stay friendly and keep the dialogue open with each other and you’ll be fine!
  • To help get the conversation started, Residential Living will ask all student to complete a Living Agreement upon moving in. This agreement will help facilitate each individual expressing his/her desires, listening to a roommate’s preferences, and coming to an understanding about mutual respect. 

Changing Roommates

Room change requests are not granted except for emergency purposes from the time assignments are sent through the second week of classes. You should take the time to get to know your roommate and discuss the things that are important to you. When you arrive on campus, you and your roommate will be asked to complete a roommate agreement by your Resident Assistant. While students may request a change of building assignment, these requests cannot be guaranteed. If we can make a change prior to arrival you will be notified.

During the school year, students who are interested in a room change should discuss this option with their Resident Assistant or Community Director. There are limited opportunities for room changes, particularly in the first year residence halls. If your request is due to a roommate conflict, mediation will be the first step with your RA or Community Director.