Academic year Hours

  • Monday-Friday: 9:00am - 9:00pm
  • Weekends and Holidays: 12:00pm - 9:00pm

Key/Lockout Management

The RHO staff provide lockout keys to residents when needed. If a lockout key has not been returned after 24 hours, a lock change will be submitted on the resident’s behalf and the student will be charged $100 for Residence Halls and $150 for Apartments & Townhouses.

Time of day Where to go for lockout Related charges
Normal RHO hours (see above) RHO staff first hour: free
all day: $5
9am-noon on Holidays and Weekends GUPD free
9pm-9am (After Hours) RA on Duty $10

Mail & Packages

All packages are received and distributed by your RHO. Packages are logged and placed on a shelf within the RHO, and an email is sent to your georgetown e-mail account to notify you of your package. You must have your GoCard with you to receive your package, but you do not need to print out the email notification. Packages will only be given out to the resident it was sent to. Should you need to have another Georgetown student pick up your package, please e-mail the RHO.

We are only able to receive packages for residents. We are unable to hold packages for non-residential students or send out any packages. Any packages left within the RHO after 2 weeks will be returned to sender.

All RHO staff can help verify mailbox combinations at the beginning of the Fall semester. Should you have any further problems please submit a work order through Georgetown Facilities.

When sending a package to your residential space, please use the following formats:


Students Full Name
Designated RHO (see "contact information" below)
Building & Room Number
Georgetown University
3700 O St. NW

Washington, DC 20057

Jack Hoya
Village C West RHO
Harbin Hall 104
Georgetown University
3700 O ST NW
Washington DC 20057

Letter Mail

Students Full Name
Building & Room Number
Mailbox Number 

Georgetown University
3700 O St. NW
Washington, DC 20057

Jane Hoya
Harbin Hall 100

Georgetown University
3700 O ST NW
Washington DC 20057

NOTE: Letters addressed as a "P.O. Box" will not be delievered.

Packages & Letter Mail for Townhouses:
Full Name
[House Number] [Street Number] Street NW
Washington, DC 20007

Equipment Check-Out

  • Various board games, carts, vacuums and other items are available to residents of each RHO to check out at no charge. You will need your GoCard to check out items.
  • Equipment Check-out Policy: When you check out a piece of equipment, the RHO Staff will let you know when the item(s) must be returned. If items are not returned on time you will receive e-mail notifications. If this happens you may be subject to a late fee.
Available Items Time Allowance Cost if damaged or unreturned
1 vacuum 3 hours late: $15 / unreturned: $100
1 board game 3 hours late: $10 / unreturned: $20
1 cart 3 hours late: $50 / unreturned: $250

*please note that if a board game is checked-out after 6pm it must be returned by 10am the next day.

Contact Information

RHO Name Buildings Served Location RHO Manager Contact Information
Arrupe Arrupe, Copley, Darnall & Henle Arrupe Lobby Leah Thomas 202.687.0687
East Campus Alumni Square, LXR, Nevils & Townhouses LXR Lobby Sarah Mathys 202.687.6960
Kennedy Kennedy, McCarthy & Reynolds Kennedy Lobby Lauren Quinn 202.687.4463
New South Ida Ryan & Isaac Hawkins Hall,
New South & Village A
New South Lobby Sydney Sanders 202.687.7604
VCW Harbin, Village C East & West Village C West Lobby Rachel Alexander 202.687.2673