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Bayit is the first residential community at Georgetown designed to celebrate and explore Jewish culture, located in Alumni Square. Bayit is an extension of Jewish life at Georgetown, and provides unique opportunities such as keeping Kosher, celebrating high holidays in a home environment, and providing the opportunity for continued interfaith dialogue.

Learning Outcomes and/or Goals

Bayit’s goal is to enable students to create a Jewish home for students on campus. Through shared values, community programs, and celebration of Jewish life, residents learn what it means to bring Judaism into their home. Participants are committed to celebrating Jewish culture, heritage, language, and religion.

Key programs:

  • Shabbat Dinners

  • Celebration of High Holy Day

Bayit FAQs

What is the level of Kashrut?

The level of Kashrut in Bayit varies by apartment. Each member of Bayit commits to keeping kosher in accordance with the needs of the most maximally kashrut-observant apartment member’s need. If a resident of an apartment keeps strictly kosher (no meat other than kosher meat in the apartment, separate dishes for dairy and meat, separate food storage area for meat and dairy, etc.) than it is the responsibility of all roommates and the apartment as a whole to keep strictly kosher. If no one in an apartment keeps kosher then the apartment does not need to maintain any level of Kashrut.


Do you have to be Jewish to live in Bayit?

No! Anyone is more than welcome to live in Bayit. We are looking for Bayit residents to be interested in Judaism and interfaith life and willing to commit to maintaining the warm, welcoming, and spirited Jewish environment that Bayit has become. Any Hoya is more than welcome.


How do you accommodate Orthodox Jewish students during Shabbat?

The Bayit team works with Residential Living and Facilities to make sure that all students are able to observe Shabbat in the way that is meaningful to them. No one in Bayit needs to use any sort of electricity to get into their apartment, and we will work with any students to make any other necessary accommodations.


What types of programs and activities does Bayit do?

We ask residents of Bayit to assist with planning events for the Bayit community including community building gatherings around significant Jewish observances. We also ask that residents of Bayit host a minimum of one Open House Shabbat dinner per semester and two Open House Jewish cultural programs per semester (discussion, cooking, movie, guest lecture, etc.). Bayit also co-hosts an event with another LLC to learn about their community and to share about yours, specifically with MILC (Muslim Interest Learning Community).


What role does Bayit play in Jewish Life at Georgetown?

Living in Bayit is one of the many ways to be GU-ish. We encourage any students interested in Jewish Life to live in Bayit and participate in what it means to create a Jewish home. Bayit, specifically, helps Jewish Life with two significant holidays: building the campus Sukkah on Sukkot, and hosting second night seders on Passover.

LLC Leadership

Advisor: Ronit Zemel
Community Director: Kendall Valente

Bayit is located in Alumni Square and open to upperclass students